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Weekend fun!

Sorry this post is a little later than usual, this weekend was Nick’s Birthday! I’ve spent a lot of this weekend running around town gathering supplies for a small party and making a cake! We went out to dinner last night in the CBD to a restaurant near Hyde Park. It’s a pub with some of the best food we’ve had in Sydney. It’s three different floors with a bar in the first floor where there are always sports games on, the second floor is an outside garden area and the third floor is indoor restaurant style seating. Saturday is buy one get one, and Nick, loving food, suggested we all get one meal and then take home a second dinner. Totally worth. We stopped on the way home in Newtown at a gelato place and got sundaes, which are always great for a birthday. Even after a full dinner at the restaurant and gelato, we still somehow managed to have our second dinner later that night.

Today we went to the Sydney Tea Festival, which was down at the Carriageworks just off campus, so a very short walk. The place was packed with all the tea cafes and small food stands from all around Sydney. You pay four dollars up front and get a little tea cup with the name of the event on it. This allows you to go around to all the stands and try samples of the teas they have for you to buy. We went through and tried a lot of different kinds of tea, everything from chocolate mint tea to lavender and honey tea. It was a great experience for everyone to try something new and find a new favorite flavor of tea.

While this weekend was so much fun and we did so much, we still had a lot of homework to do. We are now entering the fourth week of classes here and the workload has increased a lot. I don’t have a lot of nightly assignments, but a lot of papers to begin working on and books to be studying, just to stay ahead! Also, today is the first time it has rained in weeks! I had no idea how dry it would be here during winter and spring. I knew that Australia has issues with drought and water management, but living on the east coast my whole life, it is really different to experience it. It only rained for about a half hour, but it seemed very welcomed.

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