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EIGHT | Auf Wiedersehen

I’m in a minor state of denial that my time in Berlin is running down to hours. As you read this, I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar. So, I’ll be brief.
For me, I don’t handle endings well. Whether it’s turning the last page of a book or saying goodbye to someone, I never liked the bittersweetness that sits in my stomach. Why? Maybe it’s because I don’t want something wonderful to end. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to go through all the struggles of making new friends, learning a new place, or finding a routine again. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid of change. Scratch the maybes. These are the reasons why I don’t like endings. It’s terrifying to be at the edge of one chapter as it closes and stare out into the unknown path ahead.
But today’s different. In 26 days, I’ve ran around Berlin with the greatest bunch of friends and made many story-worthy memories.

Even though our time here is almost done, this ending gives me hope. Hope that the future, as unclear as it is, isn’t so scary. Hope that there are many more chapters like this waiting to be discovered.
For now, my HWR friends and Berlin, I said to you, “Auf Wiedersehen. Until we meet again.”
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