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二 | Fashion Week in Hong Kong?

September 9th, 2016

Not quite haha. Although there really is a fashion week out here, but I’m not too sure when exactly. But it is fashion week in New York, I see all the crazy cool stuff happening all over my social media and news articles and I’m feeling a little left out. My friends from back home are out sneaking into shows, and with all of the celebrities in town there are a ton of little concerts happening in New York. I’m just living through friend’s pictures and videos. I guess I finally got a little homesick. But luckily, my girlfriend and I randomly discovered this big fashion exhibition. Also forgot to mention, my girlfriend Sadé and I are studying abroad at the same time here in Hong Kong, but she’s at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Anyway, we were looking for something to do on a Friday night, went exploring in Central and found a nice dessert place. Right across the street as we were leaving we saw this huge display shown below.

The entrance to PMQ

And a pretty “lit” walkway at PMQ


This is at PMQ Hong Kong. PMQ is essentially a hub for creative and design industries, they advertise it as a place for creative lifestyle experiences. There’s so many amazing design studio shops, pop-up stores and boutiques ran by local designers selling jewelry, clothing, furniture, eatery, etc. They have happenings all through the year and it just so happens we discovered it during their week of pop-ups. I’m probably going to end up here a couple times every week, spending all of my coins I saved up haha (joking).

Pieces from local Hong Kong designers below…

In general, I’d say the fashion out here is pretty similar to New York. I don’t see as much of the hippie style, but a lot of street which I like and high fashion. I also haven’t seen much people wearing earth tones, mostly black and white. The street wear community reminds me of New York, at certain stores like Nikelab and Bape you’ll still find people lining up outside the stores for new releases. You can also find the “underground” shops that have the sneakerhead collections for sale. There aren’t really any thrift stores, from what I hear it’s because people here prefer to buy their clothes retail and brand-new.

I listened in on an interesting conversation Sadé had with a local student in fashion design at Hong Kong Polytechnic. She was amazed that Sadé ‘s starting her own fashion design business in New York, because she said that’s the hardest thing to do in Hong Kong. For young designers and entrepreneurs in general who want to start their own business, people don’t want to buy from them. She said they think well who are you? If you’re someone who’s just amazingly creative and innovative they shy away from supporting, and then if you go more simple they think why would I buy from you when I can get the same thing somewhere else. The best thing for young entrepreneurs are to go somewhere else like New York. This was surprising because I feel back in the states start-ups are just the new thing, there are people starting businesses everywhere. You can start it all from your fingertips sitting with a computer. I guess this can sort of go to show the relevance of some traditions in this part of the world.

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