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The French Rivera

Tran Victoria; France - The French Rivera

There’s something peaceful about Nice, France that can’t be captured via picture. A visit to these stone-beaches are a must for those seeking a weekend of serenity.

After an arduous week of classes, an escape was necessary. I took my first overnight train to Nice and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did I save money taking an overnight train versus staying in a hostel, I got to wake up to crystal clear waters.

My first day in Nice I took full advantage of the warm weather, sunbathed and waddled through the coast’s blue waters. There were plenty of cafes and restaurants offering fresh seafood. Not too far from the Promenade des Anglais, a farmer’s market offered fresh fruits and veggies. The town was bustling at all hours of the day.

We ventured to Vieille Ville and were fully engrossed by the rich culture influenced by being a port city. We traveled to Castle Hill and saw remnants of the Chateau de Nice. With sweeping views of the city, the vantage point provided a stunning overview of Nice.

Nice was only a half hour bus ride from Monaco so we took a day trip to enjoy the wonders of Monte Carlo.

If you’re ever in France, I highly recommend a trip to the coast. Also, don’t forget to pack sunblock–it’s ridiculously overpriced in Nice.


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