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Raíces: Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Qué tal mi gente,

Wow, this week went by super fast. I have a ton of homework this weekend. Classes are starting to pick up speed after a few slow weeks. I enjoy all of my classes. They are all very interesting, different and, above all, challenging in their own regard, especially Advanced Spanish. It’s probably the most useful out of all my classes in perfecting my Spanish, but the content is comparatively the most challenging and easily the most workload. I knew what I signed up for though. I expected this and embrace the challenges that it comes with. My organizational skills allow me to maintain a steady pace for all of my obligations for school, but it also gets challenged when having to balance work and fun. This weekend, for example, I have a day trip to Toledo planned for the entire day on Saturday, even though I have a solid five-six hours of homework ahead of me. It’ll all work out in the end though. It always does. Anyway, enjoy the pictures I took at MAN (barely captured a glimpse of all of the impressive archaeology. It is a very fascinating place and I definitely recommend it. Plus, free entry for students! Win-Win.

Pre-historic skulls and bones dating back tens of thousands of years

Neanderthals’ bones and tools

Recreation of pre-historic burial

Elephant tusks and bones dating back thousands of years

Busts made by Romans when they ruled the Iberian Peninsula

Roman legion soldiers’ head armor, used by soldiers protecting the borders

Roman constructions from Roman Hispania

Romanesque Arch

Laws written on stones in Latin by Romans in the 6th century

Medieval guns

Church doors used for a Roman Catholic Church

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