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十二 | Halloween in HK

October 31st, 2016

I’ve been looking forward to experiencing Halloween in Hong Kong. The whole weekend college kids have been heading out to parties and clubs dressed up in costumes.   I’ve been told from locals that Halloween is somewhat new to the HK Kong culture, but it’s so hard to tell because there was so much excitement over it. There were quite a few options for me to celebrate. First it would require me to get a Halloween costume, which out here is no problem haha.  On Pottinger street in Central there’s a bunch of vendors outside selling a wide range of costumes, masks, makeup and whatever decor you may need to put your look together. I also walked by other random stores selling costumes, so it’s definitely something you can pull of last minute.

Halloween Crowd

Now how to celebrate is also pretty easy. I haven’t seen any kids walking around with trick or treat baskets, but they were out showing off their costumes at Lan Kwai Fong’s Halloween fest. That’s actually what I decided to go check out. It’s a pretty popular destination as police were out to direct traffic. It was pretty chill even though this event is located at the heart of clubs and bars haha. I was actually a bit disappointed, I was hoping to see a bunch of anime characters but the cosplay wasn’t that strong. Also, during the weekend the university halls allowed students to set up their own haunted housed inside the big common areas. For those who are familiar with Six Flags Fright Fest, the equivalent out here is at Ocean Park. Ocean Park during its regular hours is an amusement park and zoo. For the month of October it embraces the Halloween spirit having attractions set up to scare, and have hordes of workers dressed to fit the occasion.

Scary folk


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