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Cachai?: Cajón de Maipo (Pt.2)

Hindset is 20/20 as I realize I could have easily added this to the other part of the Cajón de Maipo blog post since there is not much to write about in this section.

Anyways, following Saturday and a long day at Embalse el Yeso, I got to meet some more family members of my friend Cristobal. While on the drive to pick them up, we found this adorable puppy yelping outside in fear.

The moment we grabbed him and took him inside, he fell asleep and when he woke up, he was starving for both food and attention. The minute he realized he was not in the room with someone, he would start crying so that someone would come and play with him. Although the puppy is extremely adorable, Cristobal and his family already have four dogs, so one more was just not happening. However, they decided to care for the pup until he finds an owner and surprisingly that was not fast at all. Going back to my previous post about how social Cajón de Maipo chileans, the entire neighborhood Cristobal’s family lives in, which consists of about 200 houses I believe, has a group chatroom on Whatsapp to contact each other about community affairs. His parents posted on the chat with a picture of the pup, and within minutes a family already claimed him.

Anyways, the next day we did not get to do much. We were so worn out that we slept until about 11:00am and gathered everyone for breakfast. Although breakfast was still filling, it really made me miss eating breakfast back in the States. Breakfast is not seen as the big of a deal here so Chileans usually just eat coffee and bread with butter. Disappointed, I was looking forward to some eggs and bacon.

We then took a trip to a mountain near the house, however, we needed to make a reservation way in advance and were unaware of that. Thus, instead, we took a small trip to a lake.

Wearing almost the exact clothes was unintentional

Even more disappointing, my iPhone ran out of space so I was unable to take more photos to show you guys (considering switching back to android, to be honest).

After that, we went back home and decided to bake a cake. We went out to get the flour, milk, and eggs and after it all we had a huge dinner with a delicious cake for desert. In the end, since the weather was really bad, and for some reason everyone was worn out, we just ended the night with all of watching Netflix. However, I am planning another trip to Cajón de Maipo, but next time is to go camping.

Enjoy your weekend!!


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