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Raíces: Classes and Life in Europe

Qué tal mi gente,

Classes have been going well. I have a presentation soon, but I’m not worried about it whatsoever. It’s actually going to be fun. I feel comfortable with public speeches and presentations, as long as I prepare enough. This one won’t take too much preparation. It’s only six minutes. According to my professor for COM, Spaniards generally aren’t exceptional public speakers since it isn’t as enforced throughout school like it is in the United States. It obviously won’t help them that the class is in English, so it makes it that much more difficult for them. I personally wouldn’t mind doing the presentation in Spanish, but not everyone has the advantage of being bilingual. Besides the presentation, we also have a final which is going to be somewhat difficult. I’m not stressing about it as much as I would if I were at Drexel though. I’m only taking 12 credits, so there’s plenty of time to go around for studying.

In my Spanish language class, we spend the class time going over homework and participating since it’s only four of us. The midterm was very easy, so I am not worried about the final at all. The Spanish novel class is my favorite, probably because I have rekindled the flame of my love for reading. We are just about done the second novel. I have a 5-page paper due for that in a couple of weeks just like I had done for the first novel. After that, we just have a few assignments for some short stories that we will read in the last couple of weeks of class. Finally, the Study of Spanish class has been informative, but so BORING. It has made me rethink my planned minor in Spanish. I am considering declaring a minor in Business Administration instead. I already have my plan of study done.

It’s incredible how much more time I feel like I have here versus back home. I have time to go to class, travel basically every weekend and plenty of free time in between to plan things out from Drexel and from here, study and do whatever else I need to do. Life has so much more of a slower pace here. I enjoy things more and take my time. Siesta really is a thing here. I can get used to this life. Life in the U.S. goes by a lot quicker. Anyway, I will be going on my last trip with City Life this weekend to Portugal. It’s an overnight ride again, which I HATE. That is how I will be spending my Thanksgiving while everyone is eating good food back home. I hope it’s worth it. I will let you guys know how it goes!


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