HK: A Guide to Flying ✈

Hi guys! Last week I was in Taipei, Taiwan so it’s been a while since I last posted. This post will be about my experience with booking flights and traveling from Hong Kong so far.

As I mentioned earlier, my friends and I went to Taiwan last Thursday and we stayed for 4 days. The airline we used to fly to Taiwan was through EVA Air and we found it using Skyscanner. In order to find the cheapest flight that fits in our schedule, we searched by months instead of specific days. Our ticket ended up being a little under $130 USD. I highly recommend EVA Air. The service was great and even though our flight was approximately an hour and a half, they still gave us a meal to and from Taiwan.  They also had a great selection of movies.

The next place my friends and I are visiting is Vietnam. We will be staying in Danang at the Danang Backpackers Hostel. Accommodations were super cheap since it was a hostel and if you go with 3 to 4 people, you can book a private room instead. Instead of Skyscanner, we used HK Express this time which is a budget airline. They frequently have promotions so it’s worth checking out. In my opinion though, its not worth the hassle. HK Express is not that much cheaper than other airlines and they charge you for everything like choosing your own seat. Since I haven’t flown with them yet, I can’t say much about their service but my expectations are low.

One of the greatest things about Hong Kong is how easy and cheap it is to fly to other countries. Definitely take the opportunity to visit as many places as your budget can support.

Here are some other general tips that might be useful:

TIP #1: In order to travel light, bring a backpack and a carry-on. If you don’t have one, you can buy an inexpensive one from the Ladies Market in Mongkok for under $20. You might as well stop by Miniso to buy some containers to carry your liquids as well.

TIP #2: Check the coverage of your phone carrier. My plan with T-Mobile actually includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. This way you can save on buying a SIM card.

TIP #3: Bring a pen with you! Whenever you fly somewhere, you usually need to fill out an arrival form so make sure to get one of those from the flight attendant. Otherwise, you can find the forms at immigration.

TIP #4: When you fly back to Hong Kong, you don’t have to fill out an arrival card and go through the immigration process. I had to learn that the hard way…

Pictures from Taipei, Taiwan