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HK: Eating on a Budget

Since I have reached the halfway point, I thought I would share with you the things I have learned in order to maximize your time eating in Hong Kong while still being on a budget.

Dining Out:

Eating out in Hong Kong is super cheap especially if you eat at one of the three canteens available on campus. Meals range from $2 to $5 USD depending on where you go. If you want a little more diversity but don’t want to go too far, the food court at Festival Walk has some restaurants as well. My two go to places are McDonald’s and Pepper Lunch Express. The ingredients used at McDonald’s taste fresher compared to their American counterparts and they also have specials periodically. For Chinese New Years, they had curly fries which were fantastic.

You’ll find inexpensive restaurants all over the place but Mongkok is a good location if you do not want to go super far and they also have food stalls that are even cheaper. If you have a hankering for Korean food, go to Tsim Sha Tsui.


After a while, you might want to try cooking. Located inside Festival Walk is Taste which is a supermarket that is on the higher end, similar to Whole Foods. I usually buy my instant noodles and meats here. When the meat gets closer to the sell by date, Taste will mark the price down so it is a good way to save a few bucks here and there. They also have some interesting cuts of meat so use your best judgement. Another supermarket is Wellcome (yes, it is spelled that way). I recommend this more for seasonings and personal hygiene stuff. The best place to buy groceries overall is the Nam Shan Estate Wet Market.

To get to the wet market, go to AC1 and take Lift 1 down to the ground floor. Then turn left, walk towards the street, make a right and keep walking down. It should only be a 6 minute walk and it’ll be on your right.

You can get an assortment of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood here. I just stick with buying fruits and vegetables from here since I’m a novice cook. The prices here are so much cheaper than Taste. For examples, twelves eggs at Taste costs about $30 HKD where as I get them for $12 HKD total at Nam Shan Estate. My opinion is to go here once a week and stock up and make sure to bring a bag if you plan to buy lots of things.

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