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HK: RIP Phone

Ironically after writing a post on how to save money, I now have to spend $440 USD on a new phone because someone stole my previous one. Long story short, I was dancing at a club in Lan Kwai Fong when someone took my phone straight from my purse. Side note, get a more secure purse.

First and foremost, the chances of you getting your phone back if it was stolen is slim to none. I don’t expect to find my phone but hopefully you will be able to learn from my mistakes. Since I lost my phone at a club, I asked the employee closest to me in hopes that it fell. After that, I approached a police officer outside in hopes that they might find it and gave them my friend’s Hong Kong number in the rare chance that they did. The whole time my friend kept on calling my phone but it seems like it was turned off.

When you accept that your phone is as good as gone, make sure to evaluate what they would be able to access from it. Like an idiot, my phone was not locked so I made sure to send a remote command that would erase everything once it was turned on. For more info on how to do this, you can check out this link. My phone has now moved on to phone heaven.

Other than losing my phone, I also lost my Octopus card and room key since I had them attached to the back of my phone case. My roommate helped me report my lost card and prevent anyone from using it. I’ll have to pay a small fee but it is worth it since I have the equivalent of $30 USD on it. My new Octopus card should arrive in 10 business days. As for my room key, my roommate was able to let me in and I coordinated with her to see when she would be in our room. To get a new room key, I have to go to the SRO and pay a small fee but they are closed on the weekends. I basically have to last until Monday.

Call this number to report your lost Octopus card

Even though it sucks that someone stole my phone, it could have been a lot worse. Any girls who are looking into studying abroad in Hong Kong and going clubbing, make sure to get a purse that’s more secure.

My temporary Octopus card and traitorous purse

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