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Camden Market

Camden Market is a must see place in London. It is a central location where tourists and Londoners come to shop, dance, enjoy a drink, and hang out. This market was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Once again, Camden Market, like all the other hidden gems in London had its own unique vibe. The buildings were lively with murals, huge dragon statues, and street art. There were vendors selling knick knacks and handmade jewelry, but there were also well known chain stores accompanied by many cool vintage shops.

What impressed me the most was their Halloween store. Apparently Halloween may be an even bigger deal in the United Kingdom than it is back home, which I did not even know was possible. Outside of the doors were two approximately 25 foot tall robots, one male one female. I have never seen this much effort put into a costume store, but then again, London never ceases to amaze me. As if the outside of the store was not incredible enough when we walked inside I felt like I was walking through Halloweentown. Even the people that worked there were in full costumes and makeup.

But the best part of Camden market would have to be the food; this is where the culture really comes to life. They had a series of food shops set up as if you were walking through a global market. There was Jamaican food, Indian food, Colombian food, Mediterranean food and every other type of cuisine you could imagine. Every meal that was prepared was authentic and made fresh right in front of you. This really showed the diversity of the city and the cultural pride of the people. This also made it hard to choose where to eat; I couldn’t take five steps without seeing something that I wanted!

Until next time, Pip Pip Cheerio!

P.S. Nobody actually says that here, just a little American humor

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