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When people think of the UK, they normally think of Big Ben, the telephone booth, the guards with those big fluffy hats, and usually think of the weather. After being here for almost three months, I can confirm that the UK has generally crappy weather. I know that I stupidly came here during the winter, but still. I don’t know what the sun looks like anymore.

Some professors brought their kids out to play!

This being said, the weather here does not hold a candle to the weather we see in Philadelphia and much of the east coast. Speaking about Philly alone, we see the hottest summers day where your sandals melt while waiting in line for our halal food and miserably suffer during the below freezing temperatures that the brutal winter brings. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE WIND TUNNELS.

The UK, on the other hand, generally has mild weather all year. The summers are a cool seventy to seventy-five while the winter rarely drops below thirty-eight in the day time. So although I may complain about the British weather, I know that it’s child’s play comparatively.

Last week the UK experienced a massive snow storm that hurdled its way through the country. When I say massive I am talking at most four inches, but that is unheard of here. This country simply does not have the resources to shovel snow away so what resulted were roads being shut, businesses closing, and, most importantly, the cancellation of classes!

Now you know how kids love playing in the snow? Parents usually take them to the backyard to play or to a park somewhere. Everyone is bundled up just enjoying life. Yea, now imagine that with dozens of college kids running rampant all over the place. Within five minutes of being outside, I saw three snowmen, one snowman in construction, seven people making snow angels, at least twenty people taking/posing for pictures, and endless amounts of people throwing snow at each other. Absolutely amazing vibes were radiating throughout campus that day, so I don’t blame anyone for participating in the snow festivities.

With the snow frenzy spreading like crazy, of course my floormates and I were gonna do something! We gathered the troops and marched through the snow to go play some football (soccer) when an epic snowball fight erupted. It started out with a stray snowball being pelted at the back of one of the girl’s head (Niamh’s) and quickly escalated into a battle of epic proportions. Unfortunately, instead of girls vs boys, or Yanks vs. England, it was just straight up anarchy. All men for themselves in a Hunger Games inspired blood bath.  There was no shelter as we were in the middle of the campus, so everyone was hit by as many snowballs as they threw.  When it was all said and done, we looked like walking snowmen.  We eventually made it to an open gathering and started our epic football game.

I can guarantee that Alex missed his target.

Just kidding it was far from epic. We did not keep scores, but it was clearly a complete disaster on my team. The poor saps had me on their team, so I honestly can’t blame them for loosing. Just so you know I could easily lie to you and say I was the best member on the team that day so don’t laugh at my non-existent soccer skills! We managed to play for about an hour and a half before we had to call it quits from the cold. Afterwards we all went back to the dorm and drank a warm cup of tea. How British can ya get honestly? Without a doubt one of my favorite days in York thus far! Snow = Football.

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