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More British Countryside

If you read my blog about my previous hike, you may be asking yourself why I decided to do another hike. And you would be right.

One of my floor mates has a car on campus and likes doing little excursions every now and then. One day she said to a small group of us if we would like to join her on a small road trip to the York Moors the next day, it’s supposedly this really green and simply beautiful national park. Well, a massive and unforeseen blizzard assaulted all of Britain, so we decided not to go on the drive and instead just walk out from the Uni.

We left our college and headed towards east campus (east campus is in the opposite direction if you were to walk towards center city York) and just kept walking.

Within a half hour of walking, we were in the middle of this giant fields and beautiful English countryside. I never realized how extremely close we were to farm land!

Although I love the beauty of the countryside, it was on and off snowing on us accompanied with massive amounts of wind and a plethora of five-inch-thick mud. Not the exact recipe you want when you are trying to go on a hike.

Anyways, after about two and a half hours we found ourselves at a pub in this small village called Murton. The pub was a traditional English where it stopped serving food at two and only had drinks. A small older lady was running the counter and there were three older men sitting by her so that the four of them could have a conversation. They all made us feel so welcomed in the pub by asking all about us and even having us help with keeping the fireplace running.

We stayed for about an hour and then set off to find a bus stop to drive home. It was just so cold can you blame us? We walked through the rest of the village and through more wide-open fields until we found the bus stop about another hour later. Of course, right next to the bus stop was another pub so we took another break… This pub had board games and was still serving food, so we were happy as a clam!

It took about forty-five minutes for the bus to arrive and then we bussed home. I write this blog because it was nice taking the road less traveled for once and just doing something different. I had no idea how close we were to such pretty farmland at this Uni. Although I was miserable in the weather, I would gladly do it again. Uni of York = Many Surprises

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