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Nuremberg for a Weekend

Nuremberg Castle

For a weekend, I was debating between Stuttgart and Nuremberg. I chose Nuremberg because of Nuremberg Trials Courthouse and Nuremberg Castle. I left early Saturday morning and arrived around noon. I was struck by how pretty the city was literally as soon as I exited the main train station. My first stop was the Nuremberg Castle. The imperial castle overlooked Nuremberg because it was on a hill. There was a beautiful view of Nuremberg from the castle, and after climbing a spiral staircase, I thought the view got even prettier from the castle tower. All the rooftops in Nuremberg were different shades of red. The courtyard looked like a scene right from a movie. I walked around the castle for almost two hours, including a tour of the deepest well. The castle foundation was a 1000 years old!

Nuremberg Castle from the tower

Steps to the top of the tower


Pretty castle courtyard

Right next to the castle was Albrech Dürer’s house (pictured below). I recognized so many paintings by Albrecht Dürer in the Dürer house! I had not realized the famous hands painting was by him, among many others. I loved going through the exhibit and seeing his beautiful paintings and portraits. Dürer is the most famous painter in Nuremberg and there were many places and streets named after the painter.

Albrecht Dürer House

By now, it was late afternoon. I decided to check into my hotel. While walking to the main train station, I saw the market area in front of Frauenkirche (church pictured below). There were so many people walking around in the market. I had a falafel from one of the many food trucks. Nuremberg was a large city, but so many people walking and seeing no cars in many areas gave it a small town feel.

The next day, I visited the Palace of Justice where the Nuremberg Trials took place. Below is a photograph of Room 600.  Having an audio tour which explained the history in detail made the experience very moving. If you can tell, all the other tourists in the photograph are also silently listening to the audio tour. Nuremberg was perfect for a weekend trip and in the late afternoon I traveled back to Koblenz.

Courtroom 600

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