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Welcome to Hogwarts: A University of Sydney Overview

It’s been a month since my arrival to Sydney. Classes have started, due dates are approaching and stress levels are rising. However, it’s hard not to love being on campus when you feel that Dumbledore might walk into your classroom at any moment looking Harry. Being a die hard Harry Potter fan, it was love at first sight. The University of Sydney is made up of more than 70 hectares of breathtaking infrastructures and green space, historical museums, six libraries, 11 faculties, and plain awesomeness. Walking through campus there’s a heavy contrast between various architecture styles that make it so much more aesthetically pleasing. One second you are passing by the Great Hall’s sandstone architecture, and the next you are entering the modern Law building through Eastern Avenue.

Entrance to the Quadrangle

During the first week of classes it was a little overwhelming to find my way to each building. However, count on USYD to resemble Hogwarts with shortcuts and alleys that provide a faster route to your classroom. Classes here range from small tutorials of 15 people to lecture halls of roughly 400 students. Sadly, we don’t have our very own all-you-can-eat great dining hall. However, campus is filled with coffee shops and dining options on every corner. And to add a little magic, by getting the university student union (USU) access membership, you can get 15% off food, drinks, entertainment, and more. USU Access also allows you to join all the different clubs USYD has to offer. The clubs vary all the way from the Craft Beer Appreciation Society  to the Boarder’s and Skier’s club. Obviously, my personal favorite is the quidditch society, which USYD takes a lot of pride for. The university has three quidditch teams that take part in championships and various tournaments around Australia. So you can see I’m not the only Harry Potter fan on campus.

Harry Potter show on the campus theater

Apart from its campus, USYD counts with exceptional professors to teach us muggles everything there is to know within our fields of study. So far, my experience at USYD has been nothing short of amazing. Faculty and staff are always available to help and eager to teach. And if you needed any more convincing that University of Sydney was in fact Hogwarts, the Great Hall got its very own Hogwarts emblem recently to acknowledge the similarities. Hence, if you want to add a little bit of magic to your studies, USYD is the perfect university to study abroad to. 

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