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My Favorites in London

As the end draws near, I’d like to reflect on my top five favorite places to go in London. Whether it be a restaurant or a park, I’d like to try and spend more time at these places within the last week of my stay. Here are some great places that you must add to your London to-go list!

  1. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens – Some of my most favorite moments in London happened while simply laying on a blanket in Hyde Park. This park, about a five minute walk from my living quarters, spans about 625 acres over London. I spent a great amount of time here, whether it be to go for a run, or picnic out with friends. I’d also have to say that Hyde Park is the best dog watching in the city, and your greatest opportunity to play with a puppy.
  2. Dim T – There are so many amazing restaurants to choose from in London, but I would have to say that Dim T blows them all out of the water. Dim T is nothing fancy, just a simple Asian restaurant that serves amazing food. However, the best part about Dim T is that it overlooks Tower Bridge. Affordable, delicious and a beautiful view!
  3. Brighton – Brighton is not in London, but a city located about 50 miles away. Brighton is a seaside city, and is only about an hour train ride away that costs about 15 pounds! In the summertime, Brighton is a must-go, especially if you are an ocean lover, and maybe need a break from the city.
  4. The Markets – I had a lot of difficulty choosing my favorite market in London, because they are all so different, and all so amazing. Borough Market has so much delicious food, and is home to the best coffee in London called Monmouth coffee. Camden Market serves great food, and is one of the best places to buy souvenirs. Portobello Market is the best place to go for antique lovers, and has so many unique items. Make it a personal goal to go to as many markets as you can in London!
  5. Primrose Hill – On the outskirts of the city, Primrose Hill is the best way to see the London skyline. My favorite time to go is at sunset. Primrose Hill is peaceful, and filled with other people enjoying the views, but it’s never too crowded.

It’s quite difficult to narrow down London to a top five, because the city has so much to offer. Honestly, there was not one thing I did not love about London, and I hope my suggestions can help you in your own experience!

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