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Snacking in Seoul

Finding something to eat at Hanyang University is never a challenge. At Hanyang University, there are twelve coffee shops, twelve cafeterias, and eleven convenience stores. Not to mention that some of these cafeterias have multiple levels and a dozen different “stops” to choose from. Make sure you grab a map during the student orientation because it’s a lifesaver when you’re trying to figure out what to eat nearby, since you only get an hour between your morning and afternoon class for lunch. Luckily, there’s something on almost every corner of campus.

Eating on campus is also extremely affordable. Many meals in the cafeteria is around 3,700 to 5,000 won (which is the equivalent to $3-4USD). However, it’s important to get there early if you can otherwise you risk spending a good portion of your lunch hour waiting in line, or you won’t be able to find somewhere to sit. When we got to Hanyang, the university suggested during orientation we download the Hanyang University app, which posts the menu for several of the cafeterias around campus daily. Although it is written in Korean, (it’s a great way to hone in those language skills) it’s super helpful in deciding where you want to eat ahead of time.

Map of Hanyang

Another great option around campus is the coffee shops and convenience stores. Many days I go to the convenience store and get Kimbap (I like the triangle kind) and usually one or two of those have me full until dinner time, and you can get those for about 780 won each (approximately sixty-six cents!)

Chicken Katsu from the cafeteria

As far as food, I have found it very easy to find great options around campus and Seoul in general, but many of my other friends here with dietary restrictions are finding it significantly more difficult to find something to eat depending on their dietary restrictions. Most of my friends here with problems finding food eat only halal or vegetarian, so it’s really important to keep that in mind before considering coming to Seoul. My friend who’s vegetarian began to eat chicken in Seoul because he was unable to find any vegetarian options. If you do decide on coming to Seoul, it’s really good if you have a game plan ahead of time and do your research on where you can find food to match your dietary preferences/restrictions.

Pork Katsu for 3700 won

Overall, I think the cafeterias on campus are a great resource for students since you get such large portions (and they food is actually really good too!) for an affordable price.

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