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Reflecting On Cork

Now that I have come to the end of my study abroad experience, I can honestly reflect on how great of an opportunity I truly had. Although studying abroad for a month may not necessarily come with benefits such as more time to travel to different countries, it provided opportunities for people in different ways.

As a Drexel student, especially an international student, it may become difficult to stay away from home for multiple years due to the co-op program. I was grateful for this study abroad as it gave me time to earn credits and meet new people in a different country while still allowing me to spend time with my family this summer. Also, now that I have the rest of the summer free at home, except for one online class, I now have more time to work and save up for my last upcoming school year. Although Drexel does provide 1 week-long study abroad intensives, I was happy to study abroad for a month as it provided me with time to learn about the area and the country that I was staying in.

The Cork Writing Workshop also provided an affordable study abroad opportunity. As much as studying abroad is a good opportunity, it could also be expensive, especially when the currency of the study abroad country is more than the U.S. dollar. I found my study abroad experience to be affordable as they provided bedding and towels that were changed every week as well as lunch 4 out of 5 days of the week. Furthermore, I found that studying abroad is for a month is cheaper as you do not have to save up as much spending money for sightseeing and groceries while still allowing you to get the study abroad experience.

Personally, I think that the worst part about the study abroad program, any study abroad actually, is saying goodbye to the people that you meet while you are there. A month may not seem like a long time; however, it is enough time to learn about other people and to become friends with other people, especially if you are with them every day. You can create new bonds throughout the month that you are all together which can provide learning experiences and growth. Meeting new people allows for you to learn from them throughout your interactions whether that be for the better or the worse. Whether you are studying abroad for a month or a school term saying goodbye to people that you meet is hard no matter what.

My study abroad experience has allowed me to meet new people, live in a new country, experience lessons that will help me to grow as a person and I am excited to carry those memories with me.

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