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Experiencing the Best of Museums in London

London is famous for their many (and I cannot emphasize this enough), many museums. Museums here are generally free. As someone who has done their co-op at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, I have greatly come to appreciate museums. I was especially excited to check out the Natural History Museum in London, as it is nationally renowned. 

Walking into the Natural History Museum was surreal. The building is exquisite and humongous. The exterior looks almost like a castle and has a nice garden in the front to lounge in. Even for those who are not the biggest fans of natural history, the visit is worth it to see the architecture. This museum works perfectly for both children and adults. The children will be fascinated by the life like animated Tyrannosaurus Rex that looks like it just came out of a Jurassic Park film. Adults will enjoy the vast amount of scientific information one is able to learn at the museum. The Natural History Museum is three floors jam packed with incredible specimens and detailed information descriptions. The marine dinosaur exhibit was especially incredible. There was an exhibit of special hand picked items from their collection to highlight the most impressive and important items the museum owned. One of the items was a first edition copy of The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. 

Right across from the Natural History Museum is the VIctoria and Albert Museum. This museum features historical design, fine art, and sculpture. I was taken aback by how large this museum was. It takes more than one day to complete. The film section is so interesting. It features the jacket of an ABBA member and a David Bowie outfit. The eastern asian art section intrigued me. As a south east asian, it was interesting to see how culture has evolved and changed through art. The roman sculptures were amazing. As someone who enjoys drawing, I wish I had brought my sketchbook to draw the sculptures. There is a nice garden and fountain located in the middle of the museum. 

The National Gallery, honestly, did not intrigue me as much. I personally am not the biggest fan of renaissance art, which is what is mainly featured in the museum. There are some interesting Van Gough and Monet paintings displayed, and are definitely worth checking out. Visiting at least the outside of the National Gallery is worth it for the view. You are able to see many prominent structures of London from the Gallery. 

The British Museum has the famous Rosetta Stone on display. This is one of the most important artifacts to check out in London. The Tate Museum of Modern art is worth checking out. I myself am not the biggest fan of modern art, but you will be able to get some fun pictures out of visiting the exhibits. 

There are so many museums in London; It is impossible to cover every museum on one trip to London. There is a museum for everyone’s unique interest in London, With a bit of research, you will be able to find a museum that will guarantee to suit your needs and make your trip to London worth the experience.

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