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A Comparative Europe

Recently, I stumbled upon a post on Instagram that compared major American cities (namely New York City and Los Angeles) to London, the largest city in the United Kingdom. While the post was intended to help readers deciding on which city to live, it had a different impact on me. This post inspired me to critically think about the cities that I visit during my time abroad. Although I do not have time to share all of the analyses of my trips so far (I have pages on pages of notes), perhaps at the very least this brief pros/cons list will guide you on places to visit- or better yet, places to live!


(+) Amazing transportation system

(+) Relatively cheap

(+) Beer

(+) Home of Oktoberfest

(-) Food

(-) Weather

(-) Lack of English directives  


(+) A city defined by its history

(+) Insanely cheap

(+) Food

(+) Locals are REALLY nice

(-) The city is still recovering from the effects of the Holocaust

(-) Difficult to navigate


(+) Chocolate

(+) Cafes

(+) Tattoo parlors are insanely cheap

(+) Nightly Pub quizzes and live music

(-) The weather is horrible  

(-) driving

(-) food

(-) difficult accents to understand

Hvar, Split, Trogir:

(+) Views

(+) Seafood

(+) Island hopping is so much fun!




(-) Oh, and NO CONS


(+) the tube

(+) safe for a big city

(+) Iconic landmarks

(+) major venues for concerts

(-) dirty

(-) crowded



(+) Night life

(+) The shopping scene is huge

(+) Weather-spoon’s

(+) Student-hub

(-) Airport is expensive

(-) Weather

(-) driving


(+) The history… duh!

(+) Gelato

(+) The Vatican

(+) It’s a social city

(-) consistently pestered to buy souvenirs by locals

(-) SOOOO many pigeons

(-) Traffic is horrible

(-) You have to pay to get into most attractions


(+) Authentic Italian experience

(+) Fresh fruit trees and vineyards are everywhere

(+) Coastal city

(+) Weather

(-) No sidewalks

(-) Lack of public transportation


(+) It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL

(+) Shopper’s paradise

(+) Hot Chocolate

(-) No cars

(-) No vegetables anywhere

(-) Difficult to navigate

(-) Gondola rides are so anticlimactic!

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