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Coffee Culture

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Coffee is a big thing in Australia. Many people enjoy going to cafes every morning and enjoying a nice long black or flat white. Unlike in America where a lot of people just get a quick coffee to go, people here enjoy sitting and taking their time drinking their coffee.

Each cafe is unique in its own way. Most are privately owned and have a personality to them. Each are designed to bring in customers with similar tastes and interests. Some of the coolest cafes I have been to here include Brewtown and Gertrudes Cafe Bookstore. Brewtown has colorful and unique dishes that they serve. Gertrude has numerous bookshelves that people can read while enjoying a good coffee and breakfast.

I am currently taking a marketing course and I learned that when Starbucks first entered Australia, it failed. This was due to the fact that they did not do the right market research. They were unaware of Australians loving the cafe environment, which Starbucks does not traditionally give. They are designed more for a convenient, quick coffee break.

Not only do they enjoy cafe style places, they are also very particular with coffee. Many Australians see coffee as a way of life, they live and breathe coffee. People do not mind paying a little more for a good cup of coffee.

Not only did Starbucks fail because of their designs, but people did not like the coffee. Australians want baristas who will take pride in their coffees and use quality roasting and brewing techniques, and Starbucks does not have employees who do this.

Latte art is also a crucial part of any cup of coffee in Sydney. All baristas need to know how to make different designs in the different lattes. This art helps customers know the milk is perfect and the taste is not burnt , but smooth and silky.

Coffee is taken a lot more seriously here in Australia and I would highly recommend exploring the different cafes in the area. If you ever go to Melbourne, they are known to have a lot of hippy themed cafes, especially in Fitzroy. So no matter where you are in Australia try to take a look at the locals favorite cafes.

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