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Marketing is very similar all around the world. When a company enters a new country or region, they have different marketing approaches based on the culture or laws and regulations within that country/region. The hardest part of a marketers job is ensuring they are properly targeting the right audience. There are many ways to determine this, but I will primarily focus on the way Australian marketers entice their audience.

I was able to take my marketing requirement here and learn about some of the best Oz commercials and how they came to be through different marketing techniques. We completed numerous case studies and presentations. Unlike back at home, this course was primarily participation. Points/grades were earned each class based on the amount of times we participated and how elaborate or relevant our information was to the overall discussion. The class was focused on open ended discussions and constantly questioning marketers techniques, while trying to find better ways to market different items or industries.

Australian commercials attract mass audiences by including things natives see or like to do within the commercial. For instance, since cafes are often an essential part of an Australians life, they base their commercials with cafes in the background. Some commercials include crucial elements in Australia’s landscape. For example, commercials with people running through the outback advertising something or kangaroos hopping around in the back. Furthermore, they try to ensure each commercial is culturally inclusive, which can be difficult given their are numerous Aboriginal cultures. Often times, they will make sure to include an aboriginal individual as the primary advertiser or in the background.

While in New Zealand, I encountered an interesting marketing approach. I had opportunity to go into the Waitomo caves, which are known for their glow worms. While on tour I learned their is no such thing as glow worms. It is all a marketing ploy to attract tourists. These glowing animals are actually maggots, but what company would advertise maggots, it doesn’t sound as good, so they call and advertise them as glow worms.

Each company goes about marketing in different ways, but at the end of the day the primary goal is to attract a vast customer base.

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