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Start of Classes!!

So I finally was able to figure out my schedule with classes and am currently taking 5. I have classes every day except Monday, but only one class on Wednesday and Thursday! It was initially a struggle to figure out the registration system because it is very different from Drexel but the Business school is very supportive and there is an exchange group that offers support and tips as well! The campus of NTU is quite large and the shuttle bus service that is offered is quite packed so sometimes I actually end up walking to class even though it is on the other side of campus. I haven’t quite figured out all the shortcuts yet but it is really cool just walking around campus and seeing things I haven’t seen before! My favorite building is the Hive which I shared with you guys and also the Arts & Design Building which I will share a picture of later! The classes I am taking have a good mix of exchange and local students so it is easy to find classmates that I can grab food with or reach out for help if I ever need! In each of my classes, there is also a group project or assignment that I am really looking forward to working with other students on because it will offer me a chance to get to meet new people and know them better! I am also taking a Chinese Level 1 course because many locals speak Chinese (Mandarin) and it will be very helpful to me here! Hopefully, I will be able to have a full conversation with some of the locals by the time the term is over! (I will try to keep you guys updated on that). On campus, there are also various food courts (we call them canteens) with different specialties ranging from Western to Korean or Japanese. My favorite dish so far has been at one of the Korean stalls. The Western stalls mostly comprise of spaghetti which I have had plenty of times so I try to avoid those if possible. Anyway, I have made it through 2 weeks and am really loving the experience of Singapore and the local cultures. Chinese New Year is coming up really soon so I hope that I can enjoy the celebrations with exchange students and hopefully some locals as well! Stay tuned for my next post about the Lunar New Year! Year of the Rat 2020!

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