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Puerto Viejo and Exploring!

Hola gente! This past weekend, my friends and I finally traveled to the Caribbean side of the country to experience it before we leave. It is another long bus ride, but we arrived and headed straight to the black sand beach. That’s right. Black sand beach. It was wonderful. It was literally like black fairy dust. It glimmered slightly and it was such a deep black, I couldn’t believe it. It was absolutely wonderful. The waves were a little strong for me, so I didn’t do a lot of swimming, but still a beautiful beach. We were also able to bike to another beach in the area called Punta Uvas, which was beautiful. It was not very crowded at all, so we kind of had the whole beach to ourselves. Again though, the waves were intense, so we hung mostly on the beach! The food was great, as I discovered I love when my rice is cooked in coconut water rather than regular water. Honestly, it was a more low key weekend for us, we all just hung around and relaxed. I think the end of the term is starting to hit all of us. However, we were still able to enjoy the Caribbean side. 

Black Sand Beach!

I personally loved the Caribbean side. It is different from the pacific side in many ways, including the beaches, the food and the people. It made me kind of think of the United States, in the sense that travelling from one side to another will lead you to many different experiences with people, food, places and more. I know obviously as you travel you will inevitably run into differences from where you started and where you finished, but in such a small country like Costa Rica it was interesting. Very naively, I feel as though I have a good grasp on Costa Rica after being here for three months. This trip to the Caribbean side reminded me that yes I have been here a little while and I feel comfortable, but there is always more to experience and learn about. This feeling, or I guess idea of not ever really experiencing a place to its capacity slightly bothers me, as I would love to experience everything. However, this feeling has also motivated me; when I get back to Philadelphia, I want to explore more. I would like to think I am experienced in the Philadelphia area, but probably not. I want to explore more, I want to continue experiencing new things and not just laying in bed on the weekends waiting for the next week to start so I am ~that~ much closer to the next weekend. I want to stop living for the weekends and start living to live!

Punta Uvas

Okay, that took a turn from Puerto Viejo to a little deeper side, my bad. However, the feelings are true. This trip has made me reconsider my old lifestyle, and has encouraged me to upgrade it. I plan to do exactly that when I get back to Philadelphia. That’s my one goal for returning home.

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