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My last week in London

This last week in London has gone by very quickly. We had some final projects and exams to finish up, our return COVID tests to schedule, packing up our rooms. Between the not so fun responsibilities, we managed to squeeze in some nice things before heading home.

We celebrated Cate’s 21st birthday, which was obviously not as big in London since we had all been legally drinking all summer. But we got some free, celebratory bubbly at an amazing farm-to-table restaurant 10 minutes from us. 

Cate and I got tickets to the immersive Van Gogh experience in Brick Lane. I’ve been meaning to go for a while now. I appreciate Vincent Van Gogh for several reasons; he is a marvelous artist of course, but I also love him because he is Dutch (as am I), and he reminds me of my father—a Dutch man with bright red hair and green eyes. It has been a long running joke with my mother and I that we call my dad either Van Gogh or Henry VIII. 

We had one last night in Hyde Park. We brought bottles of wine and listened to music; specifically ABBA, as it was the soundtrack of the summer. 

Jake, Halina and Sophie left early on Saturday morning, so Friday night we went to Buns in Covent Garden, a cute restaurant inside a courtyard with amazing cocktails. We finished off the night at a bar in Soho dancing to live music. 

Cate, Whitney and I were of the few left on Saturday. We spent most of the day getting everything in order, but we got brunch at a café in Chelsea with amazing cheese fondue. Later we had drinks at Memories of India and said bye to Imran, the manager, who we all befriended early and has treated us very well. (He even offered to drive us to the airport!) 

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to gather the last of my things and get in the cab. The drive there was quick, so we had a lot of time at the airport, which is where I am writing this. I am very excited to see my family, dog, and friends, but I am so sad to leave. 

I’ve had a very busy summer, but I still felt like I needed to get everything I hadn’t done squeezed into this last week. I acknowledge that this was unrealistic, especially since visiting Scotland was on that list, but it’s made it even more difficult to leave. 

Studying abroad during COVID was very nerve-racking. I didn’t know what to expect. But I can easily say this is one of the greatest and most surprising summers of my 21 years.

A Message from the Office of Global Engagement:

The safety and security of Drexel students is a priority for the University. As part of the efforts to support Drexel students that are studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Global Engagement has conducted a rigorous review of programming and provided additional support to participating students with customized pre-departure orientations and regular check-ins during the required self-isolation period and the term.

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