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Grocery Shopping In Rome

One of the first things we did after getting settled into our apartment was go grocery shopping. In my day to day life, I don’t typically take many risks and prefer to stick with what I’m comfortable with. However, this study abroad opportunity has already put me out of my comfort zone in ways that I didn’t expect. There is a grocery store right next to our apartment, which has been a nice break after walking about 15 thousand steps everyday. Unsurprisingly, all of the items sold in grocery stores are written in Italian, most of which I don’t recognize. When the only thing that’s the same is the Philadelphia cream cheese and the Skippy peanut butter (which they charge triple for), I had to take a step out of my comfort zone and risk that whatever food I buy, I may not like.

Last Saturday, two of my roommates and I went to Eataly. It’s a giant grocery store that is four stories tall with restaurants and a bookstore inside. Since I got here, I have been using the app Citymapper to get around. It is similar to Google Maps and any other navigation app, but it is much more detailed, to the point that it notifies you when you are at your stop to tell you to get off the bus or tram. Overall, this app has been very helpful and accurate for the most part. On our our way to Eataly we took a bus to a train station. Citymapper showed that we were supposed to walk through the train station. We initially thought that that must be a mistake but then one of my roommates realized that we should be able to go down underneath the platforms, walk all the way down to the end, and come up on the other side. We were walking for a while, then we got to a long, dimly lit hallway with low ceilings, went up an escalator, and there we saw it. The big Eataly sign.