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Halloween in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Halloween celebration is quite big and eventful for the locals. This past Halloween weekend was the most I have seen the streets become crowded. After speaking with most of my local friends, I learned that people do not trick or treat here. Locals do not trick or treat because the city is densely populated, and most people live in apartment buildings, so the traditions are not like the ones I am used to in America. In Philadelphia, most people live in homes, and people would decorate outside their houses. Because there are so many houses in Philadelphia, most children can go door to door to collect candy. But, in Hong Kong, the most significant tradition is dressing up and going to Lai Kwai Fong in Central. Lai Kwai Fong is a street with the most nightlife because it is filled with bars and clubs on every block.

Pottinger Street Stand with Costumes

Before Halloween comes, most people need to prepare their costumes, and there is only one street that sells many costumes. Pottinger Street is a stone slab walk with shopping stands along the street. During this time of the year, people come to this street because no other stores sell costumes. There are a variety of traditional costumes such as witches, skeleton masks, angels, and anything else you would want to be for Halloween. This is where my friends and I bought our costumes. These street stands would only take cash as a payment, and they are very affordable.

My friends and I at Lai Kwai Fong

Leading up to the day before Halloween, my friends and I decided to go to Lai Kwai Fong early because it had become very crowded. Once we walked out of Central station, some signs directed us to Lai Kwai Fong. Many barricades guided the whole crowd, and it would circulate the district. There would be signs that inform us of how many more minutes until we reach Lai Kwai Fong, and it took over thirty minutes to arrive there. It was exciting seeing all the different kinds of costumes and how people were creative with theirs. The streets were filled, and there were so many people waiting outside the clubs. My friends and I knew it was best to arrive early to get in, but when we tried going to another one, you could only go inside if you had reserved a table beforehand. Celebrating Halloween in Hong Kong was very different and enjoyable. I loved seeing so many people come to Lai Kwai Fong to dress up in costumes and have fun with their friends.

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