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Countdown to the Holiday Season

This week saw the last few days of warm weather before the inevitable cold at the tail end of Fall sets in. Although this might be a disappointment for most, I myself love the cold and cannot wait for those days where I can wrap myself up in hoodies and hats. Given my complexion Fall and Winter are the two seasons where I can get away with not coating myself in SPF 50 for fear of getting scorched by the sun. As such, the holiday season has always been my favourite time of year.

Speaking of the holiday season, I’m hopping I’ll be able to experience some snow over the next few months. Contrary to what many people think it really doesn’t snow in Ireland. We just get rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Tuesday was Election Day. It was a unique time to experience given the political importance of the result for the next two years. Pennsylvania’s importance in this specific election was certainly interesting to see play out.

My classes came and went by as usual this week. That is except for my Thursday Business Communication class in which former media relations manager for the Philadelphia Flyers Zack Hill came in as a guest speaker. He had many stories about his time with the Sixers and the Flyers. He regaled us with various stories from throughout his career. From visiting children in hospital on Thanksgiving with Charles Barkley to witnessing Ian Laperriére take a hockey puck to the nose and finish the game.

Friday I went to the Drexel Men’s Basketball opening game of the season at home to Old Dominion. The lads won comfortably 71-59 to open their season with a winning record. Next week they take on UPenn in the battle for 33rd St, something I’m very much looking forward to seeing.

Saturday I went to a UPenn football game in Franklin Field where they faced off against Harvard in an inter-Ivy League game. Harvard dominated affairs and left Philly with a 37-14 win. Franklin Field is a truly unique stadium and full of history. The view of the Philly skyline from its eastern stand was truly a sight to see.

Sunday I spent time in the library working away at my various assignments. I had my phone propped up with all the NFL action for me to check in on during my far too frequent breaks from my work. In addition to keeping an eye on results from around the league, I made sure to keep up with the Irish rugby game against Fiji in which we cruised to an easy 35-17 victory. Last week we had an important win over the world champions South Africa to move up to number one in the world rankings. We go into next year’s world cup as one of the hot favourites. LET’S GO IRELAND!!!

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