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Reading Week! – An Italian Adventure

During Week 9 of the Fall Semester is Trinity College Dublin’s Reading Week – a well-deserved, break for undergraduate students in the middle of the semester (this year Oct. 24th to Oct 31st, 2022). Most study abroad students take this time to explore and travel. Along with three other friends on study abroad, I spent my break checking off some cities on my travel bucket list… in Italy!

It was such an amazing experience, so I would love to share my experience for anyone looking to plan a trip like this.

Here is an outline of my trip to Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Pisa!

Saturday, October 23rd: Dublin to Rome

Sunday, October 24th: Rome

Monday, October 25th: Rome, Vatican City, Florence

Tuesday October 26th: Florence

Wednesday, October 27th: Florence, Tuscany

Thursday, October 28th: Florence, Pisa to Dublin

Overall, it was such an amazing experience, and I absolutely loved every city we visited. I hope this list of sites and places helps anyone planning a vacation to these cities!

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