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Good life in Philly

I’m Sunny, 21, and Go Eagles!

Being an exchange student, I am always looking for chances to really enjoy life in Philly.

Back in my home university in Korea, I was a vice president of an exchange student organization where we helped adjust exchange students to life in Korea through various activities and buddy programs. Last semester, I met a few Drexel students there who were doing their study abroad at SNU, my home university, and fortunately, I was able to meet one of them again here in Philly! He and his friends offered to show me around the city and take me to some good places in Philly. I thought, here all my hard work as VP pays off!

We walked all the way from Mario the Dragon to Penn’s Landing. Philadelphia seems to be a very windy city to me which adds up to the cold, but the sky here is always so beautiful that I would go outside just to see the view. Walking the city, I thought that the buildings in Philadelphia either seemed very antique or trendy. The old building like FedChoice or the old City Hall shows the historical beauty of Philly and makes me realize once again that I am in the old capital of the US. But then tall new buildings create an up-to-date feeling to the town. I think this is a special charm that Philly has.

At Penn’s Landing, I could see New Jersey across the river. Next to the river there was a Winter Wonderland. It was my first time to be in Winter Wonderland, and I have definitely never tried Fried Oreos before. When the guys told me that those were really good stuff, I had doubt in my heart. But then I thought the person who first fried them must be a genius. With sweetened mouths, we roamed around the wonderland and played some arcade games. Air hockey is a game popular everywhere!

The river was glittering with the shining green color reflected in the water. The color green was a symbolic color of the team Eagles, the Philadelphia Football Team. The others told me that Philly was very sincere and even serious about their games. The whole city would go crazy with the games, and crazier if they proceeded to Super Bowl. It sounded like the Eagles were very good at their job, I am hoping that I can see this city full of the joy during Super Bowl. And truly, I did see ‘Go Eagles,’ ‘Go Birds,’ the color green, and their mascot everywhere in the city. One Septa bus that was totally empty was saying Go Birds instead of ’21 Penn’s Landing,’

We went to the Sports Bar near Center City for the game. The two Eagles fans and two Giants fans were jokingly fighting each other about who will win and who will lose. The bar was full of excited people in and outside. They cheered and sang with the Eagles and booed at Giants. It was my first time watching a football game, and I really had no idea about the rules but I had fun whatsoever – and I did catch up on the rules as the game proceeded. People went nuts when the Eagles did touchdown and I sang along “E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!” Now, I’m a fan!

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