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Week 4: Go Dragons!

While this week hasn’t been my busiest, I’ve now accepted that Philadelphia is a city that truly has it all. As a recent transplant to the city, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all that it has to offer. While the weather is still a bit chilly, the sunny days are becoming more and more frequent, and the evenings are growing longer, which is perfect for exploring the city and taking in all that it has to offer. It’s so great to be able to call myself a Drexel student and immerse myself in campus activities and events. I attended the basketball game last night against rivals the Charleston Cougars, the game definitely did not disappoint! A last second basket by Drexel securing a massive win after coming behind from a 12 point deficit. The atmosphere and buzz at the game was frightening. I’ve never experienced such thrill at a college game before. The crowd, the music, the on court entertainment – it truly lived up to the perception I previously had of American College Sports.  

Another aspect I’ve learned to love about Drexel is the amazing facilities the college provides. I have utilised the gym and tennis courts now and have picked up a new hobby of table tennis. It has truly been a surreal few weeks to say the least. It’s also been quite noteworthy the togetherness of the whole community. With recent societal issues ongoing in the US with gun violence and police brutality, it’s heart-warming to see the unity the college posses’ in light of such shocking and sad events. I’ve also started to explore more the thriving food scene Philadelphia has to offer. Everyone is aware of the famous cheesesteak, however I paid a visit to Chinatown and had some of the best Chinese cuisine I’ve ever tasted. It really is a bustling showcase of the various cultures and cuisines present in Philadelphia, an aspect which wouldn’t be as strong back home in Ireland. The streets are packed with amazing bars and restaurants and it’s amazing to see the blossoming little towns within such a large city.

This weekend I am going to Washington DC with a few fellow international students. I have heard and seen so much about the city and cannot wait to explore it and build up my knowledge of the US. This time next week I will be able to compare it Philadelphia and see how it stands against the city of brotherly love!

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