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Superbowl Sunday and the 76ers

As we were getting close to Superbowl Sunday, the whole city was buzzing with excitement. The Philly streets were filled with people wearing green, and I had an Eagles cap on too when we were heading to Center City on Saturday. It was an awesome experience as I would yell ‘GO BIRDS!’ in random peoples’ faces, and they would cheerfully shout it right back at you. One of the few rare occasions that you could yell in a stranger’s face and not get beaten up, am I right? 

We passed by McGillin’s Olde Ale House, a famous sports bar in Philly. It was fun watching people celebrating and getting so hyped up for Superbowl. Everyone was already drunk in the middle of the day.

Sunday was the big day. We all watched the game at a friend’s house and had a small party with pizza, snacks, and beer. Sadly, the Eagles did not win. I was disappointed, as I was all dressed up for the game, had green glittery eyeshadow on, and was ready to go out and celebrate after the game. Nevertheless, the game was still enjoyable to watch, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Plus, I had a great time hanging out with my friends. I was glad that the night did not go sour for us.

The celebration cake ended up being our comfort cake, and it was comforting for sure since chocolate is my favorite flavor.

‘Don’t worry! We still have the 76ers!’ my friends said after the Superbowl. They are from Philly, and of course, huge sports fan too. So, on the next day, we went to see the 76ers. It was my first time being inside a stadium for a game, and the place was massive! The 76ers were playing against Houston Rockets that night, and I really enjoyed the game. It was incredible, especially when the whole crowd (me too) was booing at the Rockets during their free throws. The 76ers won thankfully, as my friends would lose it if we lost twice in a row. 

Lesson learned: Pizza and fries go well with any sports game. I left the stadium feeling super stuffed. 

I just now realized the horrifying number of snacks and junk food I have eaten in the past week. I rarely snack back home, but after coming to America I couldn’t resist the delicious snacks. Popcorn, cookies, chocolates, pretzels… you guys really know how to make excellent snacks! Alright, time to hit the gym.  

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