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I Like the Zoo, I Like the Museum

It’s already been about 2 months since I first moved to Philadelphia. I love hanging out with friends, exploring new places, and discovering delicious restaurants. I feel like I have visited most of the Philadelphia “must visit” locations. But searching Google Maps, I realized that there are a lot of museums that I have not even heard about in Philly. Not only that, but I also found that there is a quite huge Zoo in the city. This way, I suddenly had a plan for my weekends.

Saturday morning, I gathered with my friends in Caneris. We were planning on having brunch at Sabrina’s, but the restaurant was full of people as always. So we just grabbed a sandwich nearby and walked over to the Zoo. The weather was quite chilly, which I think is the reason the Zoo was not so crowded. I saw a few kids running excitedly, and I felt the same inside. I simply loved going to the zoo and watching all those animals. Philadelphia Zoo has a variety of animals, including big cats, water animals, avians, meerkats, reptiles, amphibians, goats, kangaroos, and a few rare animals. Some of them were not in their places – I am guessing due to the cold weather – but I could see most of them, they were lying in the sun and napping. My favorite was definitely a flamingo with its gorgeous and colorful feathers and elegant posture.

On Sunday, I headed with my friends to the Museum of the American Revolution. It is a museum that holds the history of the American Revolution, and what the people went through from their days as a British colony to achieve Independence. I learned about the history of Independence when I lived in America for a while, and also listened to related lectures back in Korea. Having read the Declaration of Independence last semester for class presentation, I was very interested in such history.

The museum was excellent indeed, especially with its special exhibitions and interesting museum films. I did notice that the museum realizes the fact that history could be quite boring and tried its best to make its exhibits interesting. I really felt that Americans were very proud of their nation and that they have a deep respect and love for their country.

Philly is a meaningful historical city in the US and I am excited to see all of the museums here. My days in Philly never get boring!

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