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C is for (Colorism)

¡Bienvenidos! Word of the week: “acostumbrarse”  or “to get used to” Yes, C stands for Costa Rica. But C also stands for colorism. Which is what we will discuss this week. Colorism in Latin America is not as widely spoken of, but it sure to have an impact on the way locals view visitors or even one another. As an ...


C is for COSTA RICA!!!

Word of the week: “discapacidad” (disability) Pura Vida, the popular saying here in Costa Rica translates to “Pure Life“. It can be used amongst locals as a greeting, good-bye or just because! However, it is difficult for some to truly fulfill their purest form of life due to limited accessibility in major necessities such as public ...

¡Bienvenidos a todos!

Did YOU know Costa Rica translates to "Rich Coast"?