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Benjamin Saff: Friends and Traveling

Benjamin Saff Friends It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here for one month. I have been able to experience so much already in such a short time. I’ve made many new friends not only in our Drexel group but local Germans as well as other international students. And each person I meet contributes a ...


Benjamin Saff: First Days in Mannheim

Ben’s first day I arrived in Frankfurt Airport on a Sunday morning. It was a little past 6:00 am. I was feeling the jet-lag; while going through customs, observing all the German advertisements and hearing the din of local language around me, life felt truly surreal. My directions had been clear enough and I made ...


Federico Mosconi: Introduction

Many of you reading this are going to study abroad or are at least interested by the idea. Before I get into the details of the study abroad experience and talking about what to expect I would like to introduce myself and my reasons why I decided to go abroad. I’m currently starting my sophomore ...