Veronika Legkobitova: Food Options

Legkobitova, Veronika; Bochum, Germany - 3 Food Options

Although it is fun to go out to eat, one of the Drexel students and I decided it would be much cheaper and healthier to cook our own meals. We’ve been going to the supermarket and picking out easy-to-cook foods, such as pasta, bread, cream cheese, fruits, and vegetables. We’re starting to learn where different foods are better (such as the delicious bread at the bakery), so our lunches and dinners are becoming a huge success. The prices are about the same as those back home. We commonly make pasta, sandwiches, and chicken salad, and they are coming out great! The fruits and vegetables are very fresh and taste so much better than the ones back home. Especially the tomatoes! Our only negative encounter so far has been with the cream cheese flavors. We wanted to try something new and picked up a cream cheese that had what looked like vanilla cookies on them. It looked really good so we decided to get it as a dessert. Unfortunately though, the “cookies” were actually horse radish. Luckily it was still delicious on sandwiches (really delicious actually), but it was not the dessert we were looking for. We got a chocolate flavored one the next day to make up for it.

Another cool place to get snacks is the student café. During our half hour breaks in class, we usually go to the student café in the building and get a coffee and some food. They have a lot of delicious options! There are many desserts and different types of pretzels. Surprisingly, there is no beer though, it seems like they sell that stuff everywhere!

Speaking of beer in the University, one of the dorms has a bar in the basement that is open once a week. It is cheap and only students go, so it is a great place to meet people. I can’t imagine any schools having something like this at home. There is also a night club on campus. It too has student nights that make it a good way to make friends. This university has many international students, so us Drexel students do not feel alone at all!