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Adjusting to Life with a Host Family in Amman and Ensuring That You are Safe and Happy

When learning that I had a host family, I was overwhelmed with happiness and with nerves. I have heard both the horror and hollywood stories. However, I knew that it was happening no matter what and that my one goal was to make the best of it and gain cultural insight. The above pictures are ...

Advocating for Yourself in New Places

Featured image taken at Coffee Club Cafe in Amman, Jordan

Survival Guide: Petra

Featured image taken by Justin Brown, AMIDEAST student and rising senior at Temple University


Objectivity When Learning About Conflict

It’s super easy to fall into the trap of bias especially when surrounded by those who feel similarly to you. Nonetheless, it is immensely vital when learning about conflict to consider both sides of view and to be objective. It is very difficult to completely eradicate your bias because much of it goes unnoticed, however ...

Saving Money in an Expensive Country

Travel is not cheap and I’m almost positive that just about everyone can agree with that statement. It may seem daunting but don’t fret because anyone can be financially responsible and can also have fun. When studying in a group, it is inevitable that you will be studying amongst those of very different economic backgrounds. ...

The Beauty in Learning about Tragedy

Placing beauty and tragedy in the same headline is an obvious oxymoron. However, the true intensities of conflicts within communities abroad often go unnoticed. Yes, of course the media has its own portrayals, but seeing (especially on TV) is definitely not believing. Believing is walking the streets of Derry and Belfast, standing on one side ...

The trials and tribulations of being a first time traveler

The Dublin + Amman trip is my first time in Europe and the Middle East and only my second time out of the country because I went to Canada when I was 12. However, since I was so young it feels like I have truly never been out of the country and everything is very ...