The Adventure that is Jerusalem

Despite having a plethora of excursions through AMIDEAST to amazing places like Ajloun, Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Mt.Nebo, etc. Students (18+) in the program are lucky because they have the ability and freedom to plan their own trips as long as they are not under restriction or unsafe.

As soon as I heard this I knew that I immediately wanted to visit Jerusalem. I originally was going to go to Aqaba instead, but a friend convinced me (luckily) that this trip could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Although I hope to visit again, she was definitely right. you never know what could change over time and I never knew if I would have the opportunity or means to ever be back in this part of the world again so I planned with 3 close friends and we were headed from Jordan to Jersualem.

Luckily AMIDEAST assisted with transportation to the border and the border had its own shuttle to the Israeli side of the border. From there we then took a taxi shuttle bus to old city where our hotels were. Old city is literally stuck back in time. Cobblestone, large brick walls, gates, and ancient architecture, it was absolutely breathtaking. Even the air there felt pure and the vibe was calming.

Faith was always something very instilled in me from a young age that meant a lot to me and to save you from the unnecessary religion rant, it was just incredible to see where all of the stories I heard growing up took place. Likewise, a vast amount of people throughout history settled or passed through and it was incredible to be part of it.