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Climbing the Highest Mountain in Seoul: Bukhansan, 863 Meters Up

My legs are sore from thinking about the hike. Bukhansan is the tallest mountain within Seoul city limits, at 863 meters tall. Climbing it took about three hours and coming down took about two. I was able to climb it with a fellow Drexel student who was studying at HKUST who visited. It was a ...


Korean Mannerisms: Changing the Way I Act

Being brought up in an Chinese-American household, the way I carry myself could be described as having formal and polite mannerisms to adults, and informal, yet polite, mannerisms to strangers. The Chinese culture is a relatively informal environment, as well as the American culture. This all changed when I arrived in Korea, where formal mannerisms ...


Preparing for Korea: Getting Logistics Out of the Way

Well, hello there! I hope you’re in the right place because this is where I’ll be blogging about my exchange experience at Seoul National University. My name is Kenny Choi and I’m a Pre-junior Computer Engineering major. My decision to come to Korea stems from interest in Korean culture. The food is amazing, the music ...