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Driverless Metro in Denmark

Denmark is well known for its public transportation in the whole world. Since private transportation is discouraged here(travelling by cars), the public transportation is very frequent and advanced. People are very aware of environmental consequences with modern technology and use sustainable methods as much as possible. Public transportation is thus very frequent and advanced, there ...


The Language of København( Pronunciated Cubenhaun)

Within 2 weeks in Copenhagen, I got to take in a lot of culture. The way people live, interact with each other, the food and the way people behave in general are very different and have a Nordic origin( you might know this culture as the Vikings). Today I will talk about the language that ...


First impression on Copenhagen, Denmark

I left the US on the 20th of August, the Friday at 11 pm. I had a transit in Lisbon, Portugal for a couple hours after which I got to the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. The view I saw from my plane was amazing even in Lisbon. I arrived at 11 pm local time in ...