A trip to Helsingør

Although Denmark is a small country compared to the US, it is very rich in culture and history. Recently, I was able to make a trip to Helsingør. This is a port in Eastern Denmark and on the other side of the water is Helsingborg Sweden which is only 30 minutes away by ship. Now this place has so much history to it.

Like most European nations, you only get to see skyscrapers in a very few cities. In Denmark, they almost don’t exist. The tallest building there is, is a hospital which is 25 floors. When I made my trip to Helsingør, the buildings were what I had expected but the history really shocked me.

I will go right into the most interesting place about this place. It is the Kronborg castle. This 15th century castle provided the plot for Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet. This palace is really a sight to see.

Pic Credit: visitdenmark.com

There are many other tourists attractions around this place. Aquariums and Culture Yard are other good places to go around here. Fishing being a big part of Denmark, you will see so many species of fishes. Culture Yard is another good place where they host cultural events.

This place has many historic buildings where great artists were inspired and it never lost the touch of it’s old design and culture. For people interested in history and European culture, this is one of the must go places in Denmark. Also, it’s convenient location where Helsingborg is only 30 minutes away where there are so much more art to see.

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