The Royal Danes

Like most of the European countries, Denmark also has a king and a queen. Like we all know already, Royal family always have their own palace and army. When we think of a palace, we think of a huge castle guarded by a 10 foot concrete fence and a lot of royal guards. This scenario is a little different in Denmark.

Denmark is very well known for its peace. The crime rates are minimal, it is very rare to see any violence or aggression. It’s been over 2 months and I have not even seen people argue, it is that kind of place. People are very trusting and many things work that way and so is the royal family’s residence.

The picture above is one of the buildings of the royal palace. In Denmark, the palace is out in the open where people can walk around just like any other house. The Royal’s residence has a bunch of buildings where anyone can walk around too. There are several big buildings connected to each other and in a short distance is the Royal’s office.

All the Royal residence and offices are connected by a big courtyard shown above. Of all cool things you can see there, the Royal guards are one of them. There are a few Royal guards guarding each building that can be seen from the courtyard. They are young, highly trained army soldiers who are specifically trained to protect the Royal family. Their movement is so coordinated that it is as if they are actual robots. They walk from one end of the building to another, stop at the ends and take a look around in the exact same way every single time. If there are two guards at the same place, their movement is exactly identical.

I am a big fan of the Royal family so seeing all this was very exciting to me. Seeing how they live, where they live was very fascinating. And above all, the country is so peaceful that the people here can walk around the Royal family’s courtyard without any kind of security check or anything. Walking in the King and Queen’s courtyard and garden, looking at the royal guard is definitely fun for any tourist who come here. This is definitely one of the must go places in Copenhagen.

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