Driverless Metro in Denmark

Denmark is well known for its public transportation in the whole world. Since private transportation is discouraged here(travelling by cars), the public transportation is very frequent and advanced. People are very aware of environmental consequences with modern technology and use sustainable methods as much as possible. Public transportation is thus very frequent and advanced, there are buses and trains every couple of minutes.

One of the cool things I have seen so far is the metro lines(subway) in Copenhagen. The metros here not only are available in different lines within 3-4 minutes but they are also driverless, meaning that they run from a remote location and there are no actual subway conductors. Some of them run under tunnels, while the others offer views to the beautiful cities as well. These metro lines run all around the city making it very convenient to go around the city. The driverless metro started in Copenhagen in 2002. These lines since then have been expanded and it is just so cool to be on one of them. You can be on the front seat and have the front view of the train.

They also have this sticker for the controls for the kids. To see a kid in front of the train thinking they are controlling the train is just adorable to watch.

In terms of public transportation, Denmark has really advanced in their means for public transportation and are experimenting on self driving bus which I will talk about in the next blog.

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