Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Rome

As I have established in previous blog posts, I was very unprepared for how the vegan lifestyle was going to work in Italy. However, fast forward one whole month and I am prepared with protein packed snacks, have meal prep in the refrigerator and a list of restaurants on my phone with vegan options that I can’t wait to try!

I have 5 roommates, none of which are vegan, but the first question that is always asked when we go out is “Are there any vegan options for Morgan??”. I appreciate the thought more than anything, because often times the answer is “nope!”. Going out to eat with me can be a little tricky, but it has also led us to some absolute gems like Mama Eats. This was a restaurant I stumbled across last weekend due to the fact that the entire menu can be made gluten free and/or lactose free. There are two different ovens in the kitchen so that the meals can be deemed 100% gluten free. The menu being as large as it is makes this place all the more impressive.

We started our night with gluten free fried “pizza” which was just fried dough with seasoned tomatoes on top.

Then I ordered a gluten free pasta with housemade tomato sauce and eggplant, while my friend ordered a seafood pasta. Both meals were incredible and we will definitely be back!

The next restaurant that is worth noting in the vegan realm is Buddy Cafe. This place is a picturesque spot right in the center of the city. Every time that I googled “Vegan friendly restaurants in Rome”, Buddy Cafe was the first one to come up with lots of great reviews. The menu was clearly labeled between vegan, vegetarian, and omnivorous cuisine with a lot of tasty options.

I ordered the vegan breakfast that came with tofu scramble, vegan herb cream cheese spread, seeded whole grain bread, vegan bacon, beans, avocado, salad and fresh squeezed orange juice!

This was one of the most filling meals that I have eaten since moving here and I could not have been happier with it. The tofu scramble was super flavorful and the cream cheese was a great addition to the toasted bread. This meal was reasonably priced for the amount of food that it was and I will definitely be returning time and time again!

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