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Produce in Rome

I have been waiting for the past three and a half years for the opportunity to travel back to Italy with one thought on my mind: Produce. When I was in Italy in 2017, food was something that our trip revolved around. From gelato to focaccia to tomatoes to grapes, we wanted to try it ...

An Unprepared Vegan in Rome, Italy

Vegan in Italy… what an oxymoron! I know! Hi! My name is Morgan Tripi and I am a vegan culinary arts major. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine and what better city than Rome to try and learn the ins and outs of the Italian culinary world. I plan to spend my ...

Tips for Traveling in an Unfamiliar Group

1. Express your interests and extend invitations for others to join you on exploring these interests Music taste- festivals, concerts, and smaller venues are constantly showcasing big names that you and your group may be interested in, or local talents you’ve never heard of. In London, jazz bands are constantly playing at restaurants and bars, ...

Notting Hill

Music, Food, Art, and Shopping in Notting Hill