K11 MUSEA: One of Hong Kong’s Innovative Shopping Centers

K11 MUSEA is one of Hong Kong’s well-known shopping malls located in Tsim Sha Tsui. The mall is near the waterfront of Victoria Dockside, with a view of Hong Kong Island across the river. K11 MUSEA is famous for providing art, fashion, and culture in one spot. The mall has a total of ten floors, and that was a culture shock to me because, in the United States, most shopping malls I have been to were no more than five floors. What I noticed from exploring the mall was that similar stores are located on the same floor. Once walking into K11, the initial ground floor contained many high-end designers such as Burberry, Chanel, and Gucci. But, when I walked around the 3rd floor, there were many sportswear stores such as Adidas, Nike, and Patagonia. I would consider this well thought out because as customers shop for a particular product, they can explore similar stores on the same floor.

Exterior design of K11 MUSEA

Not only is K11 known for shopping, but it are also most known for its’ art. The exterior architecture of the building is vibrant and modern but also combines nature by having a green wall with a variety of plants. When I was walking through different floors, there were art installations and unique architecture everywhere. While I was on the ground floor, I could see the stunning ceiling designs, full of curves and lights. The most prominent art was a giant glass sphere sticking out from one of the floors called the Gold Ball. I could tell why K11 MUSEA is the destination most people visit because of how eye-catching everything is. Each floor had its own art installation, one of the higher floors was generally filled with paintings and sculptures. An artist I recognized was Yayoi Kusama who is a Japanese contemporary artist. She focused on conceptual art, and I had seen installations in the United States. Kusama was part of many movements in America, and her art can represent the culture she experiences.

Inside of K11 MUSEA with the Gold Ball standing out

What made this shopping mall so different from any other mall is the art it contains. People can explore and appreciate the architecture but also shop. This building has art from so many various artists, and it is free to check out. This mall promotes innovation, creativity, and inspiration because it allows people to discover culture from art. K11 MUSEA is a shopping center everyone must go to when coming to Hong Kong because there is no other mall like it.

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