Benjamin Saff: Belgium & Why You Should Visit


Ben in Belgium

This past weekend, my friends and I stayed in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, over the weekend. We also were able to visit Bruges. This was a great experience for all of us. Before studying here, I had no plans to visit Belgium ever but I am so glad that I did. Here I will attempt to convince those reading why they too should visit.

1. Brussels
Brussels is a truly remarkable city. The capital of the European Union, Brussels is one of the most multi-cultural and diverse cities in Europe. Although their primary language is French, they are have their own unique culture and traditions. In Brussels you can see a wide array of architecture; from the medieval structures of the Grand Platz to the postmodern EU building. It is also a hub for art and design, with plenty of museums to satiate any art-lover or design fanatic. To top it all off, they have some the best chocolate, waffles and beer you can find. If you’re like me, great food is the only reason you need to go

2. Bruges
Bruges was like stepping into another time. The town is primarily medieval structures and cobble stone streets. Throughout the city, canals run through adding to the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. It is sometimes referred to as “the Venice of the North” and while I haven’t been to Venice, I will say it is the most beautiful city I’ve seen in Europe thus far. Again if you are a food fanatic, you can grab some fantastic mussels and fries while you are there. AND if you have seen the movie “In Bruges” you can see all the famous landmarks depicted in the film. It’s really not as bad as Colin Farrell’s character says.

3. Beer
Belgium has an amazing selection of quality beers. We tasted many varieties and flavors during our time in Brussels and they were all fantastic. They have a category of beers known as Trappist beers, which were all originally brewed by Trappist monks and are known to be of very hi-quality taste. My friends and I can attest to that; we brought back quite a lot of Belgian beers on the way back to home.

4. Did I mention chocolate and waffles?
For one euro you can get the most delicious waffle you’ve ever had. These Belgian waffles are, shock, nothing like the ones we have in the US. Rich consistency and a caramelized coat, these waffles don’t need anything else on them. And the chocolate, well lets just say we witnessed a guy spend 150 euro in one store. It’s that good.

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