Benjamin Saff: Goods and Bads of Prague


Prague is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe and for good reason. It is uniquely beautiful and characterized by an interesting past. In this post I will talk about a few of the things I liked about it and also things I didn’t like since it is not always talked about. The bad news first, ok?

The bads.

Culture shock
I was only there for 3 days but suffered from this. Czech Republic is central Europe and is a bit different than the standards in Western Europe. Specifically 2 features really hung me up. One, you have to negotiate taxi fair before getting in. And nobody tells you this if you are an average tourist. If you get into that taxi without negotiating the rate first, you are going be hit with a ridiculous fair. You will be the evenings prey. And what’s worse, you need to work with a foreign currency. Czech is super confusing, it is currently 27 Czech = 1 euro. The currency and the taxi situation are a shock for any uninformed travelers.

Almost everyone in Prague is trying to cash in on the tourists. The taxis I have already mentioned but even the food places and the bars. For example, some stands sell food by weight but highlight the cheap price of 50 czech and than they have a very small text that says per 100 grams. And of course when you order they fill up your dish as much as possible so you pay out the wazoo. My friend and I were had by one of these little tricks.

The goods

In the main city, you can’t go anywhere without being struck by the beauty of Prague. The main castle at the height of the city is a picturesque work of art and its expanding courts offer so much to see. The great Gothic cathedral is breathtaking Even the modern shops have ancient statues at their heights.

The Nightlife
Well, in a city where beer is cheaper than water, you can imagine how the nightlife is. Despite the idiot drunks that I encountered everywhere at night, the bars and clubs were really impressive. A wonderful array of drinks to pick from and a great attention to style and atmosphere.

The Views
There are many high points in the city where you can see breath-taking views of Prague. We stood atop the castle hill and viewed the expansive city before descending into its depths. It was truly a great way to start exploring.