Right now we are getting very excited about travel around Australia! We are currently planning a trip during our break week that is next month and it gets to be a little extra long because the Monday after break is a holiday (Labour Day)! The first weekend of the break, Nick’s parents will still be here in Sydney so we are going to visit the Blue Mountains to go hiking and to the Featherdale Wildlife Center to feed more Australian animals! We’re also hoping to find a good place to go star gazing that weekend as well. Since my astronomy class, I’ve been very interested in going on a night viewing outside the city and Nick’s dad got his Master’s in Astronomy so he would love it too!
We will leave on Monday for Melbourne and are looking to go to the Great Ocean Road and see the at least part of the famous 12 Apostles! We are also looking to book a tour to Phillip Island to see all the penguins among other things. We will spend at least a day exploring the city itself and also part of a day at the Melbourne Zoo. We will be staying at the YHA in Central Melbourne and since we are members, we get a discount making this trip more doable. As of now, we are planning on flying into Adelaide, spending a day there before taking a ferry to Kangaroo Island and staying at the YHA there. Here we would take it easy and relax on the beach and enjoy all the wildlife. Though this may change and we might go to Tasmania to stay in Hobart and spend a lot of time at National Parks and exploring the city. We will hopefully be finalized this week.
Nick and I also just booked our trip to Bali, Indonesia. Nick is currently taking Indonesian here to USYD and we are both interested in completing the Fulbright program there after graduation. We both book flights and our accommodation for both of us for less than one person week-long trip next month. It is so incredibly cheap, but the go-to vacation for Australians that is very safe! We are so excited to enjoy our vacation right before flying back to the States to a cold winter. Nick and I are very interested in trying to find some cultural activities for that week while also enjoying the beautiful beaches, and of course, climb a volcano.

Jugan, Ashleigh; Sydney, Australia - Vacations - Nick holding book


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